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Providing a good experience for the customers should be a priority for every business, it doesn’t matter at what point of their purchase journey they are.

Similarly, on Pinterest, you need to take care of your ideal customers (IC).

They are already overwhelmed with too many options (your competitors) so if you don’t stand out then you would surely lose them to your competitors.

But, how can you stand out?

It’s simple.

You can do that by making their experience great.

Below are the 6 ways you can make your business stand out on Pinterest:

  1. Well-optimized profile: Your profile is the first thing your IC would see. If it looks messy and unclear then it won’t make them feel great. Moreover, your impression would be ruined. So, set up your profile in such a way that when your IC lands on it, they know who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.
  2. Relevant content: If you are a business coach but the content on your Pinterest profile is mostly about food recipes then it’s not going to benefit either of you. For your IC, it would be an utter waste of time since they couldn’t find what they were looking for and what they were expecting.
  3. Well-designed pins: Poorly designed pins – with too big text or bad color contrasts – would make it hard for your IC to find the information they are looking for.
  4. Speedy website: When your IC land on your website after clicking a Pinterest pin then your website should load fast (ideally, its load time should be less than 3 seconds). If it doesn’t load fast then most probably they would leave it without reading your content – which means lost readers, email subscribers & customers.
  5. Easy opt-ins: When they visit your blog post/landing page, make it easy for them to download any lead magnet or join your mailing list. Avoid using long forms or making your opt-in forms hidden.
  6. Seamless shopping: Most Pinterest users are active shoppers so you must make it easy for them to buy from your website or store. The best way to do it would be to not overwhelm with too many products at once and make the checkout experience hurdle free.

Now you know how to improve their experience so go ahead and implement the above 6 ways ASAP.

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