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While you are spending more time on social media, growing your following, your email list growth might be taking a backseat.

It’s not that social media is not important.

It is.

But it’s not sufficient.

Also, continuous algorithmic changes and account bans can’t be relied totally upon.

If you are serious about growing your coaching/course business then you should focus on building your email with full seriousness.

There are 5 big reasons why you should build an email list for your coaching and course business.

Reason #1: You’ll have control of your audience

Social media doesn’t give you any control over your audience.

My 2 FB pages got unpublished and 1 Instagram account was hacked.

I had an audience of over 2000 on all of them combined.

That time was a pure headache.

But thankfully, I had an email list.

You never know when your accounts would be shut down.

Platforms like FB don’t even care to give a warning before shutting your accounts.

In just a matter of seconds, you’ll lose access to your fans and followers.

So, why take a risk by totally relying on them?

Reason #2: Retaining customers would become easy

The best way to grow your business is to sell to your existing customers.


Because they already trust you.

In these competitive times, selling to a cold audience is damn tough.

It takes them more time to convince, and more time to convert.

Long sales cycles are nobody’s favorite.

It’s far easier to sell to your existing customers than to chase new ones.

And, the best way to sell more to them is through emails.

Almost all email service providers (ESPs) give you the option to segment the audience based on their purchase history.

This feature will help you sell all your products effectively if you have multiple products.

Reason #3: Launching new offers would become stress-less

If you already have an engaged list of audience and customers then launching and testing new products/offers would be stress-free.

As I have already mentioned in reason #2, it’s not easy to sell to a cold audience.

So, when it comes to launching your brand new offer, it would be a total pain if you plan to launch it to a cold audience.

Your best bet here would be to sell to people who already follow you, buy from you regularly, & trust you and not some random strangers.

They are also more likely to buy your new offers than the ones who have never heard of you.

If you have your engaged email list, you would be in a very strong position in your business.

All you need to do is send some well-written emails about your new offer to your list.

Within hours or days, you’ll have your first few customers.

Reason #4: Make sales passively

ESPs give you the ability to automate your sales process.

You can build different email automations that’ll help you sell your products without you being actively involved.

If you have multiple offers then automations are going to be your best time savior.

It’ll help you make more sales massively and reclaim your time freedom.

Reason #5: Generate high-ticket customers consistently

People who are already on your list signify that they want to read more of what you write — that’s a big trust signal.

When you see other entrepreneurs claiming about making 5–6 figures/month from their email lists then let me assure you that they are not lying.

It’s not easy, of course.

But it’s also not impossible.

They have worked hardly and smartly to build a list that makes them that kind of amount consistently.

Generating high-ticket customers doesn’t happen out of thin air.

It happens because of the holy combination of trust-building, value-generation & persuasion — and your email list can definitely help you achieve that.

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