purposes of an email list

Many coaches/course creators grow their list just for the sake of it which means that they really don’t understand the main purpose behind doing it.

As a result of their ignorance, they are unable to leverage their email list to the fullest.

If you are also making the same mistake then firstly you need to be clear with what your email list is meant to do for you.

Below are the 3 main purposes of an email list for your coaching & course business:

👉 Purpose #1: Generate Consistent Customers

An active & engaged list can help you generate at least 1 new customer every single day.

Having greatly written emails coupled with automations will make people interested in investing their money in buying your products.

👉 Purpose #2: Retain Your Customers

It’s easy to sell to your existing customers than to people who have never heard of you.

You can either upsell or cross-sell more offers to your existing customers.

They would be more likely to buy it because they are already in the purchase mode.

You can easily increase your customers’ lifetime value using emails.

👉 Purpose #3: Grow Your Business Passively

Email automations can help you almost eliminate yourself from the process.

You’ll be making sales even when you are not working.

Having such freedom will give you more time to work on things like building new products or vacationing.

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